LEYDEN S.A. started operation as a family business back in 1943. Its manufacturing plant and offices are located in the city of Buenos Aires, Argentina.

LEYDEN’s main field of activity is to provide complete solutions for the Reactive Compensation and Harmonic Filtering in Low, Medium and High Voltage systems. LEYDEN combines the latest technology of its own Medium Voltage power capacitors, with the most suitable switching, protection, control and communication components for each application.

LEYDEN capacitors are manufactured by a highly specialized staff, in state-of-the-art facilities, under strictly controlled ambient conditions, using the best raw materials available in the world and according to sturdy and reliable designs, within a certified quality assurance environment.

LEYDEN S.A. individually tests its capacitors and capacitor banks per IEC and ANSI-IEEE standards in its own laboratory, which has been certtified by TÜV Rheinland per ISO-17025. Routine tests are performed in the factory lab on 100% of units. Sophisticated type tests like the endurance test for MV capacitors per IEC-60871/2 are also done internally.

LEYDEN S.A. covers all its products with a written guarantee against defects in design, materials or workmanship.

Capacitors can be assembled in banks of any kVAr and voltage ratings, in various construction styles, protection and switching schemes, or else can be supplied as separate units.

LEYDEN S.A. serves a variety of customers, such as power transmission and distribution companies, rural and cooperative utilities, public service companies (water supply, sewage, natural gas distribution, etc.), all kinds of industrial operations, oil and mining companies, engineering and contracting firms and so on.